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In today’s fast paced market, it is mandatory that the underlying IT systems remain to be extremely agile, flexible and configurable such that changes in any one of the lever shall be adapted rapidly, effectively and in a cost effective manner Banks spend millions of dollars in Core Banking Implementation and maintenance. The core banking systems are the backbone of a Bank. Though a Core Banking System is the key transactional system of a bank, we observe several gaps in the system.

  • Business needs evolve with time. The underlying IT system is unable to keep pace with the changing business needs
  • It is tedious and expensive to change Core Banking Systems
  • Core Systems DO NOT address all areas (like end to end cycle of credit management, Human resource management etc)
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As a result, banks have devised alternate workarounds like spreadsheet based systems that results in serious execution night mare over a period of time with very limited control and visibility of operations. We call this the classic “Business-IT Disconnect”.

This leads to several serious business challenges like – Challenges in Customer service effectiveness, a significant revenue loss because of Human Errors/ MisJudged, NPAs in lending, undetected exceptions like Fraud, Human Errors and so on.

Our solution portfolio uses iPROOF Low Code Platform, Business Process Management suite, Workflow and Document management system to let you build a hyper-flexible, configurable, future-proof unified IT platform around the Core Banking System

“ We offer a wide range of solutions around the Core Banking System – all these solutions shall Integrate, Compliment and Extend your CBS (Flexcube, TCS Bancs and so on...) ”

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