iPROOF - A Low Code platform with Business Process Management Engine, Workflow Management and Document Management system.

Transform Operations
  • Discover – Strategize – Transform
  • Make app creation a walk in the park – encourage non-technical Business users to collaborate and build apps on demand
Systemize, Assist and Automate Operations
  • Systemize Manual Operations
  • Assisted Model to automate rules based decision making, Machine Learning based predictors based on historic data
  • Automation - Straight through processing – Automate repeatable tasks
Digital Workforce – Utilize Human task Force efficiently and judiciously
  • Automating Repeatable areas of a process
Inbuilt Compliance
  • A systematic model to mitigate risks of lack of adherence and conformance – A Smart App that aligns with the processes and policies ensures effective Governance in alignment with the prescribed norms hence mitigating non-adherence risks
Semantic Context Aware Process Apps
  • Build apps respecting its operational fabric
  • Requires Knowledge workers – Freestyle, case based App
  • High volume, short running & Repeatable – Automation
  • Integrated Projects – Task based processes

Workflow Engine

  • BPMN inspired powerful, Graphical Process Design Studio to model Business Process. Rules and relationships can also be configured
  • Supports different types of operations
  • Procedural – Business rules drive process flow
  • Free style – Users govern process flow
  • Project or task based – Project plans governs flow across activities
  • Advanced Process Constructs – Sequential, Split-Merge (AND, OR, XOR), Chaining and Linking
  • Built in Support for Straight Through processing (Robotics Process Automation)
  • Built in rules engine to define control flow across processes

User role mapping and Organization structure Definer

  • Define Org Structure (stakeholders, partners, customers etc.)
  • Escalation (Delegate, Assign, Escalate, Notify)
  • LDAP Integration and stringent Authentication Policies
  • Strict Access control policies– Feature Access and rights

Work List Management

  • User Inbox, Task List
  • Flexible task allocation - Support for pull based, push (auto allocator based on volume and available capacity), Assignment or allocation by manager.
  • Time logs, time monitoring - Support to manage in time/out time of people.
  • User Activity log - Ability log key user actions. Basis of future analysis and improvements

Monitoring Engine

  • A continual process improvement engine with In-Built Business Activity Monitoring capabilities
  • Measure and track the performance of executed processes against established metrics
  • Initiate actions based on deviations from defined SLAs

Easy Integration Framework

  • iPROOF Platform has a built in Enterprise Service Bus framework, which is an SOA based configurable platform that enables effective communication between various closely interacting software applications. The Application Design Studio based ESB provides various capabilities that enable configuring and orchestrating a middleware/interface layer that allows different applications to be connected without writing code.
  • iPROOF ESB supports different types of integration channels like Web services, API, Messaging queue and so on. The Integration framework includes the necessary mediation to reconcile incompatible protocols, data, and interactions. This uses industry standard techniques to "plug" various applications into this bus and makes it easy to connect disparate services, data sources, clients on a need basis. If anything changes in one system, the other systems are not affected. A change in ownership only requires configuration changes to the ESB. Other connected systems remain unaffected.

Project Management

  • Process Management orchestrated through Project Management
  • Supports all major types of project life cycle with planner, Gantt charts, Critical path analysis etc
  • Built in User requirement management
  • Automates Work allocation, Built-in Tracker and Monitoring tools, real-time tracking, reporting and collaboration

Alerts and Notification Engine

  • Let users define key events to tracked and to monitor Process deviations as they occur
  • Mechanism to configure and notify in real time as the events occur.

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