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Workflow driven Collection Management System

In an era of depleted human resources Manual collection processes are time-consuming, error-prone and inadequate in terms of predictability, control and traceability.

Core Banking and other packaged systems do not address this well.

Hence a collections management solution that is driven by workflow automation is very critical to mitigate credit risk, automate cash application, reduce dispute cycle time and improve visibility into cash and risk.

iPROOF based collection management system covers the following types of collections:

Routine collection

Each bank could have its own business processes to management collection life cycle. For institutions that already have a core system, the routine collections module can integrate, extend and automate it in alignment with its collection policies and procedures. This covers Employer Submission and Bulk Collections mode especially for payroll backed loans, all variants of Counter Payment, Outright Settlement and managing partial Payments

Default Collection

The default collections module shall be extremely useful to track, followup and manage follow up activities when customers have an overdue on their repayment Obligation. This feature rich module shall cover the following - Loan Bucketing, Auto Bucket Movement, Loan Allocation / Re-Allocation, SMS / Email Follow Up, Telephonic Follow Up, Physical Verification, Legal Activities, Loan write Off

Features - Overview

Integration Framework

Periodically integrate with CBS and get the Collection feed

Auto classifier

Automatically classify cases into buckets based on default age

Bucket specific actions

Distinct capabilities to handle each bucket (calls, email, personal visit or legal action)

Work Allocation

Workforce management module to let managers assign cases to agents based on various parameters and availability

Auto Agent tracker

Built-in mobile app to track the movements of agents to ensure compliance with standards.

Dashboards and Reports

To get a complete visibility on customer data to ensure effective collection management


A collection mobile app to give concise 360 deg customer view to agents

Workflow management

Configurable workflow layer to systemize the business process based on the type of follow-up

Communication management

A powerful communication and notification engine to push multi-channel information to customers

Worklist Management

User specific inbox, automated check for SLA conformance/deviation

Action management

Powerful tool to let managers create a planned to-do list and allocate to different agents

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