A hyper-flexible platform driven, Configurable, Future-proof Institute Management System


Institute Management System - Reimagining the IT platform of an institute in a student centric world

Higher Educations Institutions spend millions of dollars in SIS Implementation and maintenance. The SIS are the backbone of the Higher Education Institutions.

The direct impact of Digital technology trends and the complexity of managing academic life cycle for the so called Gen Z students effectively and efficiently has resulted in a completely new paradigm – The SIS platforms needs to be conceptualized differently

Unfortunately, SIS and other ERP packages implemented using traditional architecture do not adapt to the changing trends/expectations of the education world. Revamping or re-architecting them would also be a non-trivial exercise.

Due to the heavy CAPEX investments, institutes partially implement SIS products leaving some key areas to be handled manually.

It is also prohibitively expensive to change these systems to address the changing Business needs and is Expensive to engage specialists on a long term basis Shrinking IT budget and ever-increasing cost of maintaining home-grown systems including infrastructure is posing new challenges for IT leadership

The need of hour for Educational Institutions is to have a Platform based flexible, future-proof Institute Management system that is designed specifically for change with ease and minimal effort.

iPROOF platform based IMS is precisely intended to address these challenges and enable universities to pivot to a student-centric approach through a single, Integrated, comprehensive solutions that is hyper-flexible and is custom configured to meet specific needs of Higher Education Institutions and which can be built over a period of time based on a priority

The power of iPROOF low code platform & Business Process Management engine can be harnessed effectively to implement an efficient, agile Institute Management System

Since the platform is based on a low code platform, purely configuration based and is designed for change – the solution can be beautifully conceptualized using an “Evolve as you Go” Model – where in institutions can Add functionalities and additional modules incrementally. The IT platform can evolve over a period of time

The underlying complexity of IMS is that the system needs to cater to the different types of unique/distinctive operational fabrics existing in an institute. For example, areas like Purchase management follow the procedural model with focus on SLA conformance and so on. But, Academics functionalities like Research & Development are more collaborative in nature. A rigid procedural approach shall not be appropriate a more dynamic operational model needs to be adopted.

We strongly believe that any solution that is customized and configured to meet unique needs/ operational fabric of each institute is critical to the success of a future proof IMS.

  • Our Education package lets institutions leverage the platform capability to the fullest. As strong accelerators, Best practices, Business Process templates and Execution Guidelines available for different types of Institutes (large central government run institute, large privately run group of institutes, small privately run institute etc) are built-in as ready to use templates. The best practices, processes and guidelines are based on the institute type/nature
  • Compliance with Regulatory Mandates can be done without any additional efforts (reports, templates in specific formats as required by Regulatory bodies can be automatically generated)
Not a packaged ERP System customized to meet specific needs of Educational Institutions Adaptive – Changes, Enhancements can be made with ease, with minimal turnaround time
Vendor Independence The IT team of the institute can be trained to build Apps using the platform by forming center of excellence with Students

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