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Transform Operations

iPROOF Low Code and BPM platform based solution framework for Telecom verticals has the following 3 key dimensions that shall drive strategic themes effectively and efficiently

iPROOF platform has a very powerful robust Business Process Management engine that has all the necessary capabilities to systemize, transform and automate streamlined operational processes in alignment with the policies and procedures of each organization

The workflow layer shall horizontally connect the company with its ecosystems of partners/dealers and vertically connect stakeholders across all departments to provide a single unified aligned delivery platform

For repeatable actions, iPROOF automation framework shall be used to achieve Straight through processing to completely automate parts of a business process without any human intervention The powerful Rules and Policy engine can be used to ensure that compliance with internal, statutory and regulatory norms is built into the systemize operational fabric.

Our unique evolve as you go model shall be adopted to incrementally transform the business processes

3 A’s of our “Evolve as you Go” model – The Agile, Adaptive and Aligned Business Driven IT solutions

Rapidly build customer facing and partner Apps

The iPROOF lowcode platform shall be used to conceptualize any customer or dealer facing apps – for example a complete dealer management portal with multiple channels including Mobile, Web, USSD shall be built using the iPROOF platform The complete life cycle – from concept to launch shall be easily configured using the platform. Our telecom vertical solution has the following ready to use App templates

Dealer Management
  • Dealer Registration
  • Stock Purchase (Physical voucher/ Electronic Voucher and Open value stock)
  • Stock Purchase from Next level of vendors
  • Stock selling to End Customers
  • Automated stock level management
  • Dealers Commission Management
Supply Chain Management
  • Supplier Onboarding
  • PO lifecycle
  • Goods Inward
  • Goods outward
  • Reverse logistics
  • Stock Spot Check
  • Replacement on warranty
  • Damaged Goods handling
  • Services Handling
Point of Sale
  • Stock movement to Shops
  • Item allocations to the TILL
  • TILL opening and Closure
  • Shop Day closure
  • Cash Handover to Agency
  • Customer Item selling
  • Dealer Item Selling
  • Damaged Goods returns handling
  • Tax exemption management
Integrate and Extend Current Systems

Any new business application like Customer Onboarding and Engagement can be easily built using the Low code platform.

iPROOF platform shall provide a single unified, integrated orchestration layer seamlessly communicating with all the existing systems.

The iPROOF Enterprise Service Bus framework is an SOA based configurable platform that enables effective communication orchestrating seamless communication between various closely interacting software applications.

The iPROOF based ESB provides various capabilities that enable configuring and orchestrating a middleware/interface layer that allows different applications to be connected without writing code. Importantly this also includes the necessary mediation to reconcile incompatible protocols, data, and interactions. This uses industry standard techniques to "plug" various applications into this bus and makes it easy to connect disparate services, data sources, clients on a need basis. If anything changes in one system, the other systems are not affected. A change in ownership only requires configuration changes to the ESB. Other connected systems remain unaffected.

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