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Hyper-Flexible framework to manage the complete Loan Origination Lifecycle

A comprehensive solution suite that automates and manages all aspects of Loan Origination! Compliance with the KYC norms is also built into the solution suite. The solution covers Credit Management life cycle

Range of products supported

The iPROOF platform based Loan Origination solution shall broadly consist of the following modules. The module feature-set could vary based on loan product. The modules can be customized/parametrized and configured to meet specific needs of each financial institution

Customer Onboarding

This module shall include complete information capture, document management, KYC check, credit bureau checks and so on related to onboarding. This shall be configured based on the type of customer (individual, corporate etc)

Collateral Management

The collateral management module handles the complete collateral life cycle management, powered by the workflow engine and the document management system


The sanctioning Life cycle Involves all the workflow based approvals for various stakeholders to finalize and ratify sanction related decisions. The LOS solution has all the required capabilities to enable a smooth collaborative sanctioning

Maintenance Module

The maintenance module handles all Product specific key Document Check list (KYC and others), Product specific Evaluator Checklist, Product Rate Structure configuration based on Product, Customer type, Collateral documents checklist, User screen related Guidelines, Work Instructions, help and so on

Multi channel app

The origination module shall be used as a web based application or a mobile app – the system has inbuilt capabilities to seamlessly handle all channels

Credit Analysis and Risk assessment

An automated score card driven approach to systemize the complete credit assessment and analysis life cycle. The solution has a configurable framework for scoring, grading and risk assessment. The credit analysis module is a collaborative model that lets multiple collaborate with each other to enable efficient decision making. It is also powered by the workflow and document management solution

Financial Analysis, Management and Risk Assessment

This module shall be applicable for corporate and SME loans. complete analysis of a company’s financials, score calculations, ratings using our comprehensive score card engine,


The disbursement module deals with Integration with core banking system for customer and account creation and supporting amortization schedule generation with full/partial disbursement schemes

Integration framework

The LOS leverages the iPROOF Integration framework to seamlessly integrate with Core Banking system, third party apps, Credit bureau systems and so on

Other Capabilities

Various features like Agent Management System, Automated Loan Approval letter generation are all built into the system. The system has a complete 360 deg view of the customer with a powerful set of dashboards enabling stakeholders to make data-driven decisions

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