iPROOF - A Low Code platform with Business Process Management Engine, Workflow Management and Document Management system.

Democratize App development
  • Empower ordinary people to create extraordinary apps
  • Make app creation a walk in the park – encourage non -technical Business users to collaborate and build apps on demand.
Concept to Launch – Painless, Rapid, Smooth journey
  • Build Apps in unparalleled speed – over 10X that of custom development.
Built for Change - Platform Designed for change
  • Apps can be modified at any point with very minimal effort (Hours to days).
Optimize Workforce – Accomplish a lot more with Less!
  • Reduce big IT team of highly skilled people
  • Have small cross functional teams to build awesome apps
Instant Mobility - Mobility Support cannot get simpler!
  • Single idea, a single app, multiple channels No separate development for Web, Mobile channels
  • No separate development for Web and Mobile channels
  • Configure once and publish instantly across all channels
Leverage Existing investments
  • Simple Integration with existing systems

Conceptual Model

  • Manage complex hierarchical data through a simple Conceptual Data Model
  • A centralized smart Data Model linking independent Enterprise Apps
  • Powerful data persistent store – Vertical or Horizontal
  • Built in Data transformers to Map Data entities across several repositories

Zero Code Rich App UI Generation

  • Define and publish rich, responsive, powerful, intuitive user interfaces without writing any code.
  • Responsive UI, HTML 5 CSS3 compliant, Bootstrap based
  • High performance client engine – with innovative Client engine to optimize Bandwidth
  • Flexible UI Layering – Tabs, Steppers, Accordions etc
  • Form Navigation (Dependent forms, parent child etc)
  • Remove UI complexity from server
  • Minimize Bandwidth utilization, caching
  • Extensive Styling support, Predefined UI Themes and Templates

Zero Code Business Logic Definer

  • The iPROOF platform has a built in Module to configure and generate code to manage complex business logic.
  • It works as an Event – Action Pair. When certain events (System Events or User Events (Button click, Combo change etc.)) occur, users can configure the set of actions to be taken
  • Actions could be auto calculations, validations, Queries, Rules and decisions etc. Any action can be configured and setup to drive business requirements

Instant Deployment Toolset

  • A rich toolset to enable simple, automated pain free deployment to on premise /cloud platforms
  • Toolset to perform Auto App Validity and Performance Measures
  • Comprehensive Version Management with Side by side execution
  • Support for In Flight App Modification

Work Areas and Portals

  • Rich Web Portals for customers, internal stakeholders, partners etc.
  • Central access to the system for all the users.
  • Strict role based access to information.

Enterprise Grade

  • A secure, highly-available platform for you to deliver robust apps at web scale.
  • Supports rapid, iterative development by a broad range of users while ensuring that IT retains the control they require
  • Enterprise-grade security features for applications security, identity management, two fold authentication, user and role-based platform access and cloud security, including intrusion detection Scales horizontally and vertically

Instant Mobility Platform

  • Instantly Mobile - Zero code generation of Hybrid Mobile Apps

Automated Testing Framework

  • A key element of rapid development tool kit for digital transformation – Integrated Auto Deployment and Testing of Smart Apps configured using the platform
  • A single test suite to create manage and run test cases and scenarios
  • Use of assertions, scheduled test launcher

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