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Immersive Exploration & real time monitoring of Digital Twins!

Asset owners in the oil and gas industry run a constant, ever increasing risk of schedule slippages, cost overruns of Turn around projects. Schedule slippage could result in several million dollars of direct business loss. Manual mode of managing equipment maintenance results in sub-optimal performance of plant which in-turn has direct business impact. In today’s digital era, digital transformation of plant maintenance, management and turnaround project management has become a mandate

“ Explore our hyper configurable, Smart Predictive Plant Maintenance, Monitoring & Turnaround Management Platform ”
The amazing Immersive experience Explore context aware 360 deg data in Web view Augmented Reality Virtual Reality Mixed Reality
Leverage the amazing power of iPROOF’s Integrated Digital 5 forces.
  • Digital Transformation Platform

  • IoT Edge Framework

  • Machine Learning/Analytics Platform

  • Mixed Reality Platform

  • Big Data/ Cloud Infrastructure

The iPROOF platform based Smart maintenance, monitoring and turnaround management solution framework is built on the premise of leveraging Digital twins - a very unique Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality based visualization layer for Firmware/Web and Mobile devices, integrated with context aware IoT data and Machine Learning driven predictive analytics to provide near-real time visualization of data along with predictions of key aspects pertaining to part performance and failures.

The iPROOF based Digital Transformation layer is used to streamline, systemize and automate (where possible) day-to-day operations pertaining to plant maintenance, monitoring and turnaround management vertically connecting all internal departments of an organization and horizontally connecting the organization with its ecosystem of partners, vendors and customers.

The solution is well-orchestrated on the premise of Case Management/Project Management driven automated task life cycle execution, monitoring and management, with built-in flavors of Work force management, supply Chain management as applicable to Asset Maintenance and Management, Integrating and extending any ERP package.

The fusion of the powerful digital forces makes this solution a Smart Digital Layer that seamlessly connects Top floor to Shop floor by integrating, extending and complimenting ERP by giving

  • Right access of context-sensitive right information (Part specific data extracted from ERP, Equipment performance data based on IoT & ML algorithms, Work instructions, safety guidelines, past knowledge, Machine learning based aggregated insights on performance/failures, similar issues handled in the past etc.)
  • To right people (engineers, managers, vendors – extending the rich data available control panel data to engineers in the plant)
  • In the right form (combination of hololens MR view, Oculus VR view, mobile AR view, web viewer, Portal based mobile/web screen)
  • At the right time (when the engineer does an inspection, routine maintenance, emergency service call etc.)
  • By connecting with the right people – Facility to let engineers to collaborate through video call, audio call, chat with experts sitting in remote locations
Harness the power of our powerful Edge Computing - Data Acquisition, Analysis, Smart Decisioning and Action Management on Edge!
  • Drastically Reduce cost, cycle time of maintenance
  • Smart Proactive Plant Maintenance
  • Monitoring made amazingly easy and fun - Explore the immersive, hyper-intelligent context aware Digital twins of Equipments
  • Empower and drastically Improve performance, skill level of staff
  • Completely automate compliance related documentation
  • New Connected, Collaborative Turn Around Project Management
  • Automated Project Tracking, Monitoring and Management
  • Streamline and Systemize Maintenance operations as governed Processes, Procedures and Manuals
  • Operational Excellence - 5 paradigms of tasks managed for you! - Daily Maintenance operations, Planned Turn around Management, Smart Plant Monitoring, Case Management, Operational Workflow based, Learning and Training

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