Achieve Operational Excellence through the power of simplicity – Build User Friendly, Easy to use Smart Apps specifically for Branch Operations

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Drive up the Operational Efficiency of your Branch Operations

Transform Branch operations and achieve awesome efficiencies, customer delight using our Hyper flexible, Multi-channel, easy to use, intuitive, light weight smart apps designed to be used by Branches

As a result of the underlying complexities of the CBS, several branch users find it very difficult to navigate through the screens of the core banking system. Branch operations involve dealing with several types of documents that are not handled very well by CBS

The operational fabric of each financial institution would be unique. To achieve optimal operational efficiency, it is imperative to systemize operations as governed by each banks procedures using a workflow and document management system.

Key Features
  • Very simple, easy to use, friendly, extremely configurable screens to manage all your key branch operations
  • A smooth, high-performance, customer onboarding application with a focus on customer comfort and delight
  • Account Management
    • A streamlined process driven efficient, precise Account Opening Process for both Current and Savings Accounts, aligned fully with your Processes and procedures with a specific focus on operational efficiency
    • Supports several branch level transactions like deposits, withdrawals, transfers, Linked Accounts, Standing Instructions, Promotional Instructions and so on
    • Manage different aspects of Products - Interest Configuration, Features Configuration (SMS, EMAIL, ATM CARD), Charges Configuration, KYC Checklist Configuration
    • Customizable workflow based Savings account life cycle Management
    • Integration to different channels like ATM, SWIFT, ONLINE Banking
  • Streamlined systemized operations connecting presenting the right information to the right person in the right form driven by the right context to drive up efficiencies and customer satisfaction levels
  • Simplified, Automated Straight through processing end-of-day processes.

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